Desktop, Laptop & Server Hard Disk Recovery

Hard Disk Recovery

Around 42% of all data loss is caused by hardware failure or physical damage. Physical damage can be caused by one of the following reasons: firmware corruption,hard-drive with clicking, drive spin motor getting stuck/burnt, PCBA damage, bad sector, firmware/ROM damage, physical, fire or liquid damage..Clicking and grinding sounds can be heard from media.

Around 58% of data loss is caused by logical failure. Logical damage can happen due to a variety of factors like inexperienced users, human errors, virus attacks, file system corruption, deleting system essential files and folders,, software program malfunction.

Systron will thoroughly guide you through Data Recovery Process. The team is experienced enough and has the skills and the tools required to recover your data from seemingly impossible conditions. We assure you that the data recovered will be kept confidential and will be for your eyes only.

Data Recovery